It is quite challenging to get a grasp of who we are and what we do only from looking at the wedding photo galleries.
We invite you to keep exploring, to ask us questions, we love meeting new soulmates!
Let's get inspired and excited about your wedding & event plans! We are here to create timeless images for you!

Fig tree Ibiza nature


We are creative free spirits! We love good food, great wine, we are passionate, we love Ibiza and we love the sun!
As artists we simply love to create and be inspired.
We have photographed hundreds of beautiful, emotional, fun and breathtaking weddings in Ibiza, growing and learning under Ana Lui Photography banner. Thanks to Ana's guidence and her watchful, critical eye, we have developed our unique, timeless style.
We always focus on the positive! On love!
On really being in the moment and sharing that special moment with others. We always show Ibiza in our photographs.
On a day off you can find us in the sea. We are water babies! We love diving, paddling, snorkelling, splashing, yachting, looking out for dolphins...
During quiet Ibiza winters we focus our energy on preserving the beauty of our little island. We actively fight for animal rights, minimising plastic and waste, as well as nature conservation. You can follow our eco-work and join us here!

Beautiful Ibiza Wedding Couple


We believe that being discreet and very hands-on at the same time is what creates the best photographic results for our clients. Equally balanced attention to detail and love for emotions, action and fun is the key to timeless wedding photography.
We believe natural light is our best friend. Understanding the light and photographing in the best possible light conditions makes our images consistent, beautiful, soft and creates the peachy skin tones to die for! We believe in giving all our clients not only the best but simply exceptional quality and service before, during and after the wedding day. If we would have to sum up what makes us who we are only by using sinlge words it would definitely be:


Fine Art Prints Ibiza Wedding Photography


From the moment we receive your initial enquiry to the moment we send out your beautiful hand-made oak wood USBs and linen boxes we are thinking of the best quality, best service and the most amazing experience for you and your family.
On the day of the wedding we are discreet but always close by, watching every moment and making sure every detail is captured in the most beautiful way.
Our editing suit is simply amazing. We do everything in-house, meaning we supervise and control every step of the production process. From having several backup drives, culling images, editing skin tones, aiming for consistancy and beauty, to packaging your gorgeous products and printing fine art prints.
We use the best equipment and the most professional screens, calibrators, prime lenses, hard drives, printers and print paper.
We hand wrap each and every USB box making sure you receive quintessential experience.