Seaside Ceremony | Wedding at Elixir in Ibiza, Spain

Shelley & Arran

Shelley & Arran had a lovely seaside ceremony & reception here in Ibiza, at Elixir. As you know we always love hearing about how our couples met, and what led them to choose this magical Island for their big day! Their love story started back in 2009, the year they met. The two got engaged in Canada a few years later, at the end of a ski trip they took together in Vancouver. Shelley told us it was a beautiful moment, with amazing views, overlooking the lake in the hotel where the two were staying. When it came down to the wedding, and location, they chose Ibiza because Shelley has been coming to the island for many years now. She first came almost 20 years ago with family and had several holidays with them. Then she came back with my girlfriends and made some of the best memories. Shelley said she introduced Arran to the island as soon as she could and that the two have been to Ibiza together 4 times and loved it more with each visit. They described it as their very own “good for the soul” location. We would have to agree! The couple have travelled the world together but always gravitate back to Ibiza more than anywhere else. This is how they knew Ibiza would be the right destination for the wedding! The couple then booked a trip to come look at wedding venues but as soon as they looked at Elixir, they cancelled everywhere else as they knew it was the perfect place. This wedding was happy, relaxed and very fun, and we thank both Shelly, Arran and their families for letting us share the love on their special day!

Wedding Dress: Charlie Brear | Shoes: Roberto Cavalli | Grooms Suit: TopMan |Bridesmaids dresses: Hobbs |Flowers: Floral Dreams & Bud and Bloom | Hair & Makeup: Smack | Venue: Elixir

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Venues we Love | Can Gall

Garden Wedding Venue, Can Gall

Ibiza, Spain


Can Gall Agroturismo is one of our favourite spots for events & weddings in Ibiza.

We think it is the perfect venue for couples looking for a setting in nature & with that extra something special!


Can Gall is surrounded by nature, with many fruit trees, flowers & the Ibiza hillsides.
This is part of its charm, and why we love it so much!


 Can Gall Agroturismo is a hotel situated in a 300 year old traditional Ibicencan farm house.
For couples looking for a venue where you and your guest can stay, this is a great option! 



The grounds at Can Gall are great for events, as there are many areas around the property for you to choose from, to curate your perfect day.

The poolside area is a popular spot for after ceremony cocktails or arrival drinks for your guests!


When booking your wedding or event at Can Gall you will be accompanied at all times by your exclusive event organiser.

Your organizer will be available throughout the planning process and of course on the day of your event.



We love a venue that is versatile, and in some ways, a blank palette where you can create your dream day!

If you are interested in booking an event or wedding
at beautiful Can Gall get in touch with them directly here.

Intimate & Informal | Wedding at Cala Bassa Beach, Ibiza

Nicky & Txema

Cala Bassa Beach-  Ibiza,  Spain

Ibiza wedding photography Cala Bassa Beach club, Wedding photography Mallorca & Ibiza

Nicky & Txema, had a lovely smaller intimate wedding, and we loved capturing their special day! We always love to hear about how people met, when and how they got engaged & what made them choose Ibiza as their wedding destination.  Nicky & Txema had been introduced through work in 2005 but didn’t properly get to know each other until 2011 when their paths crossed again. Txema proposed on Cala Escondida, in Ibiza February 2017. It was a beautiful clear day and the beach was deserted. It was their last day on the island after a wonderful winter weekend away. They both discovered the Island together and fell in love with it. When they then got engaged in Ibiza, they knew right away that they wanted to get married here too. There was no other choice really, is how they put it.  When it came to choosing a venue, they couple initially researched on the internet and contacted various venues. Then they came out to the island to visit the venues they had liked. Cala Bassa beach Club, was a chance visit when Nicky & Txema were looking for the ‘day after the wedding’ lunch venue. They told us, "We were made to feel so welcome and then spoke to the Event Coordinator at Cala Bassa." Through talking to Laura they quickly realised they had found the perfect location for the wedding. When we asked the couple "What was the best think about your wedding?" they replied, "Celebrating with our closest family and friends in a magical place which is very close to our hearts, we would not change a thing!!"

It really never gets old, to be a part of such a big day in the lives of another amazing couple! Thank you for having us!

Hair and makeup: Marie Duchar Clark | Wedding Dress: Grace Loves Lace |
Wedding Shoes: Freya Rose |  Groom's attire: Kilgour (Savile Row) |
Flowers: Art Natur | Venue: CBBC